Reduce Failed Deployments. Innovate Rapidly. Use App Diagnostics

In this age of relentless innovation, where web and mobile startups are changing the game everyday, the need for companies to stay ahead of the curve by continuously innovating and delivering, is key to survival. In order to get quick time to value companies are adopting the DevOps model which allows code to be deployed not in weeks or days, but several times a day. For example Etsy, a popular web marketplace, deploys 50 times a day and Netflix deploys hundred times per day.

Now for a second, think about the complexity behind this. Every end user interaction with a web or mobile application results in execution of several hundred or thousand lines of code running across a complex infrastructure that includes various backend components like databases, application servers, web servers and so forth in the cloud or in a data center.  To add to the complexity there are many developers constantly adding, enhancing code to the code base which is deployed by Operations team continuously, several times a day. How can the application owner ensure that every line of code he checks in is not causing a failure somewhere in this big ecosystem?  Can he catch problems before it impacts his end user? This brings into the picture tools that can help you monitor your application’s performance and availability and correlate that to code issues.

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